Meet Me Under The Bridge Ministry started in November 2005, out of the trunks of two cars and one pickup truck. We would bring hot, homemade food, water, a to-go-bag (for later), clothing and blankets.

Every Sunday at 3 pm we would drive to Davidson Street Bridge and open the trunks and 80 people would get in line to be served. Then we would go to Pine Street Bridge and serve, then to White River and sometimes if we had any food left over we would go to Willard Park.

We were consistent and so were our friends. We made lasting relationships with our friends.  Like Shawn. We served him for a year and a half and he’d given me his phone number. Then he wasn’t showing up for a while and I called him. He was surprised that someone cared and called to see how he was doing. He’d actually gotten an apartment and was so proud that he wanted to show us. He asked if he could come and help us serve, which he did for a long time. He has since moved out of state, but calls from time to time to see how we are doing.

Then there’s James. He came to me one day and was beaten down emotionally (street living will wear you down). He told me that he wanted to jump in front of a bus. I told him that for every action there are circumstances. If he did that, lots of people would be affected. Like our group, his family and friends, the bus driver, the people on the bus that saw it and the folks around the area that saw it. We were able to pray with him and the following week he came back and was feeling much better. That fall he gave his life to Jesus. GLORY to GOD!!!

Our goal is to be able to house our homeless friends living in Downtown Indianapolis and to help them become an asset to our community instead of a burden.

Our non-profit organization is looking for God to move hearts with the talents and resources, including our City Officials, to donate a building .

We want to help those who want to re-enter the working society to have a chance to change their lives. While our city does offer a few organizations that provide shelter for the homeless, there are not enough beds to house all of the homeless, plus many of them are turned down nightly for various reasons. Not having an ID can cause a homeless person to be denied shelter from the outside elements.

Street ministries, like ours, meet the homeless where they are. We are trying to make a difference in the hearts of the homeless and help those in need. Many homeless sleep on the streets, under bridges, and in vacant houses. Our efforts are not to enable them to stay on the street, but to encourage them with hope, trust, love, and a desire to be treated as a human being. We do what the Holy Spirit prompts us to do. God tells us to feed and clothe the poor. That means all of us.

Please contact us if you have an interest in helping us.

Thank you and God Bless!