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Happy Resurrection!

Happy Resurrection!!! Please lift all the volunteers up in prayer every week and especially on Sunday’s. We NEED God’s protection! God’s word says in Matthew 18:20 – “Where 2 or 3 are gathered together in My Name, I am there in the mist of them.” As you’ll read in here, there’s spiritual warfare going on with Kingdom work at the Diner.

I believe everyone got fed, there wasn’t a lot on the table so I asked folks to pray over it and Jesus made it happen. Like the 5 loaves and two fish to feed the multitudes. Our crowd is growing. We know that not all of them are homeless, but we try and love on everybody, they are coming because they know it’s safe there and we don’t allow the chaos and drama, but it seems to show up anyway. I believe we had 130 folks there or more.

When I got to the Diner today at 1:15 the “devil’s tool” was already there at the door working… this kid was in Faye’s face (Faye is one of the wonderful volunteers at HRH where the Diner is), about coming in early cause it was raining (it was misting out). Faye was trying to explain to him we don’t let folks in til 2:45. It’s posted on the door 3 pm. I came up and asked what was going on, Faye looked pretty shaken up by this kid. The kid proceeded to tell me “this is my first time here.” I told him I’m sorry but there weren’t any other volunteers there (safety in numbers) and no one was coming in til 2:45 then he says to me “wouldn’t Jesus let folks in”? I told him not to play that with me (I know manipulation when I see it). I said I wasn’t Jesus but I was sure trying to be like Him. This kid was getting in my face by now and saying that Jesus wouldn’t let people stand in the rain I asked him if he could read the sign on the door and he told me he was an idiot. Later on in the Diner he told me he was intelligent and that he’d been there before. Huh, he told me something different earlier. Then as soon as he gets in the door at 2:45 he starts by asking (rather in my face) if he can get clothes, I told him he better go over and find a seat real fast. Brother Paul and Sondra tried to talk with him. He was very combative. Please pray for him and me, I allowed my ugly came to come out with him and I didn’t look very Christ like.

I’ve noticed that folks are showing up earlier and earlier to get inside. We have rules and we are going to stick with them, Jesus runs this ministry not folks we are feeding.

Some of Troop 152 Boy Scouts came and helped us today, thank you so much!! They washed all the utensils that we used for lunch.

I spoke today about Resurrection. I spoke about Good Friday and asked why it was called Good Friday and Tom (one of our friends) spoke up and said, “it was a good Friday.” Brought a smile to my face, not sure what he was doing on Good Friday but didn’t want to ask. I spoke about Jesus resurrecting Lazarus in John 11:17 – 26.

Lonnie came up after I talked and was emotional and said that the word of God really spoke to him today and said he had something for me. He gave me a bracelet with “wear Jesus well” on it. I told him I didn’t wear my Jesus very well today. Several of the volunteers have noticed a real change in him the last few weeks. Praise God. He’s the one that last summer came to our other place where we were serving and got in my face. After lunch I saw him over in corner being prayed over, Glory to GOD!

There were others that were touched today and thanked us like Rochester. Here is a man that stood in front while the word of God was being spoken. He didn’t care who saw him, he knew to show respect for The Word! He so enjoyed himself today with the word, the music, the food and the love.

Joyce told me that some guy there had called 911 and when 5 cop cars showed up the guy told them that someone had put something on face book about him and he was very upset. Joyce told him if he has trouble with things at the Diner to find one of the volunteers and do not bother the police for face book issues.

Saw Otis today I haven’t seen him in a couple of months, he’s been working, Praise God!!

Alejandro came up and said the word spoke to him today. He remembered me from when I first started serving the homeless with JR Dalton 6 years ago. I remembered his face for sure. He came up to me after most folks had left and thanked me for having some one on one time with him. (We need prayer warriors to come and help other brothers and sisters to minister to folks). He said he really liked what was going on in there and asked how long we’d had the building, I told him that a friend was letting us use it. He had questions about the bible and we had a nice conversation. Thank You Jesus

Steve, Jeffrey and myself went and did outreach to the homeless camps after the luncheon. Rising Rivers Ministry had donated 35 bags of goodies, like deodorant, toothbrush and paste, comb, sock, peanuts, lots of candy, a book about the story of God and toiletries, etc. They wanted them delivered to “homeless folks” and that’s exactly where they went. Thank you Rising River Ministries. How appropriate of the name of your ministry because three of the camps that we delivered to were right on the river and lately the rivers have been rising. The guys have had to move their camps up to higher ground. It was a real privilege to be invited into some of the camps and see their home.

At one of the camps, Michael told me that the “devils tool” that was causing so much trouble at the Diner said he should just slice my tires. Michael (a big man) told him “I wouldn’t do that if I were you”. Then Mark at this same camp said this “devils tool” was going to get me fired. I know… I know I had to laugh also. The residents of the river said that the firemen, police, DNR don’t bother them at the river, Praise our Lord and Savior. They had great things to say about Sgt. Hipple, he’s a policeman that’s the liaison between the homeless and the police. He comes down once in a while to check on em.

I miss doing outreach…

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