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Another Great Report

photo_Kathy_framed2< There was a time when I would write a lil story every Sunday after serving and put it on the website. Now a days trying to run a non-profit, helping folks, meetings, going to city council meetings, etc. it’s a challenge. But I don’t need to preach to the choir do I? LOL Back then I had the time to remember and think through the day and record what I saw. :o) I’ll do what I can so please be patient with this ol’ girl. Adam Gross and the saints from Freedom Church from Lebanon came and blessed us last week. God bless them! We so enjoy fellowshipping with them. I believe there was about 75 of their folks that came from Lebanon. What faithfulness and commitment. They have agreed to come once a month for all of 2015. Glory to God. Adam was instrumental in securing 2 pallets of bottled water for MMUTB. Thank you so much. JCI could tell you about JC getting his own apartment!! He is so jazzed and thankful to God for helping him get into his place. I took him looking for drapes for his windows and that was a trip, there are so many choices, styles, lengths, widths, etc. But he figured out what wanted. He’s trying to set up his home and doesn’t have much, but our volunteers are stepping up and helping him with furniture, bathroom things, sleeper couch, recliner, kitchen table, pots and pans, dishes, etc. He has worked hard to get there. He knows that without God this wouldn’t be possible. He’s very thankful.


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