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Thank you Little Bethel Missionary Baptist church for coming on this journey with Meet Me Under The Bridge. Also for being the hands and feet of Jesus. Our friends know they are loved and all of you come with big loving smiles! Sister Cynthia Miller and Deacon Ken are retired school teachers and said they would like to come and teach our guys to read. What a blessing this group is to the homeless and us. All Glory to GOD!!

The word I spoke to our friends about, was “birth”. And that Saturday, January 1, 2011 is a time for their new birth!! That we all can start fresh and new for the new year, like a new birth. Then I shared scripture about the most important birth, Jesus’.

Isaiah 7:14 Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call Him Immanuel.

Luke 1:14 He will be a joy and delight to you, and many will rejoice because of his birth,

I then told them how we love to tell them about our Savior and how He’s changed us and continues to change us to be the people He needs us to be. We share our faith with them because we love Jesus and He wants everyone to know about Him before it’s too late. I said that their blood was on us, if we didn’t tell them about our Lord and Savior. Not only is it our pleasure to tell them about Him, but it’s also our duty to share our faith in HIM. I spoke about the spiritual warfare going on all around us. Of warrior angels protecting us and demons that only want to take us down and destroy us.

Kaylyn had wonderful courage and wanted to share with the group. She’s been clean for over a month, Praise God!! She is doing so well and looked great!!! She gave us a poem of hers a couple of years back and you can look at it on the videos/pics page called “Less-Home”. It’s powerful.

We get the privilege to love on some amazing folks every Sunday. You can see in their faces on the videos/pics page on website that they know they come there and they will be loved. Yes, there are some that have bad attitudes and don’t appreciate a thing, but I’ve learned that those are the ones that need the most love!

Big Mike tells me I’m a wack job, because I hug on him and plead the blood of Jesus on him. If I can ask for protection for him and he thinks I’m a wack job… so be it. I’ll be whatever the Lord wants me to be. It’s taken him a while to even respond to me. For a couple of years he would see me and try and get away from me, it was very comical. He even would say, “I have H1N1″, I would tell him that I was covered by the blood of Jesus and had no fear. Now he just accepts that I’m going to hug him and love on him. He’s gettin used to me :o)

Phillip came and had lunch with us, it was good to see him. He’s the guy Richard, Don and I took to Wheeler then to Lighthouse missions a couple of weeks ago when it was bitter cold. He told us that they treat him like a dog, so we went with him to see what happened. They were very respectful and he was able to stay the night at the shelter.

We know that sometimes our friends exaggerate their stories a little to get a greater response from us. We want to love them where they are and try not to judge them. Who’s to say we wouldn’t do the same thing if we were in the same situation.

I pray everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their families and that we all are thankful for what Jesus has done and is doing in our lives.

Kathy Albright,
Executive Director

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