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Dec. 19th Report

Mt. Zion Church came today with lots of good food, even songs by the little children. I think they ranged from 4 – 7 years old. Very cute, one of their songs was “singing with authority”. Mt. Zion wants to be more involved with the ministry, I told them we can always use help with sorting the clothing. Praise God!!

I told the group that we loved them and to not confuse kindness for weakness. We’re not stupid, we know when we’re being manipulated, but we choose to love them as Christ loves them. If you take clothing that you don’t NEED and sell it, trust me others tell us. We don’t have to see it, God sees all, please take what you need only. Please don’t tell us what you think we want to hear. What we want to hear is truth, because we know that the truth sets us free!! I told them “you were made to be great! You have the power to change you! You are the only one stopping you. God made you on purpose for a purpose that only YOU can fill.”

I am not here on earth to tell them warm fuzzes, I’m here to speak truth.

Brother Paul had a word about John 1:1,2,9. And John 3:16. The Bishop from Mt. Zion told him that these exact scriptures were what he preached on today. Isn’t God good!!! Paul’s girls and him passed out candy canes with the candy cane story attached to them, I’m sure everyone enjoyed.

Richard found one of our guys slumped over on the side of the road half frozen and buzzed beyond belief. He got lost trying to find HRH where we are feeding lunch. He was messed up bad! Please pray for deliverance for him. Mouth wash has 36% alcohol content and they get higher than a kite on it. I was told it makes a person hallucinate. Richard took him to Wheeler so he wouldn’t freeze to death.

Homeless Memorial for the homeless that have died in 2010. Tuesday, December 21, 2010 at 11 am. Christ Church Cathedral at 125 Monument Circle, if you plan on attending, get there early as it fills up fast.

Please keep brother Bill in prayer, he’s being spiritually attacked. Plus stress and trying to do too much. He hasn’t felt good for a long time. Pray for complete healing for him and to release all his burdens at the cross.

I was referred to as a pit bull this weekend by our volunteers. I wasn’t offended, it made me smile and laugh. A pit bull… as long as I don’t look like one.

My friend, Barbara needs prayer to stay away from people that will drag her down and to places she doesn’t need to be. She’s struggling. I love her spirit, she’s so sweet.

Reverend Dale came by today, he’s living in a place and doing well. He looked good. We really appreciate our guys coming and letting us know that they are ok and how they are doing. It seems like the norm is they get off the streets and we don’t see them again until they end up on the street again. Trust me, I want them to get their lives back and if it means not to see them again… I’m good with that. As long as they are safe and well.

JC is staying at the jungle, his place on the river got snowed into and he had to move, so he opted for the jungle.

Cathy and Dorman Morrison are leaving for Florida for the winter at the end of this week. I’m sure going to miss them. They are such great help with the ministry. Cathy is downtown almost everyday helping homeless folks out. Have fun you two and don’t forget about us.

Kathy Albright,
Executive Director

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