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Diner on Saturday

I went to the diner on Saturday, just to “hang out” with some homeless friends. Danny, remember him from last week, told me he was so encouraged. He said it’s nice to come into a place that has order and enjoy the word of God. GLORY TO JESUS!!! What a beautiful day in the Lord this weekend was.

I believe I was prophesied over yesterday by Scott (a homeless friend), more on that later.

Lil Bethel, as usual, ROCKED the house with good grub.

We had worship music, even some homeless folks got involved with playing instruments and singing.

I apologized to the homeless and the volunteers for my “ugly” last week. I told them that I felt shame, because of the attitude of my heart. Many homeless came up and told me that they appreciated my yelling and getting order in the place. They said there were some folks there (not homeless) that go into other places and cause havoc. They like the peace and quiet. Several of the volunteers were very encouraged because we all had folks come up and thank us for offering a place for them to come and relax. Some come for food, clothes, prayer, the word of God, encouragement, friendship and love. We’re all about the love.

It was packed in there, I think about 130 folks came to have lunch with us.

Before reading the story, I asked all of our volunteers to get in between all the tables and lay hands on our friends. I read a prayer from the lil book. I told them they didn’t have to repeat it out loud, or try to remember it as long as they felt it in their heart, just to say “yes Lord” in agreement. I believe we had volunteers to lay hands on everyone in the diner. Several of the volunteers really liked laying on of hands and praying for our homeless friends. Please continue to pray for change in their lives, for chains to be broken and for forgiveness of sins. Also, please keep us covered in prayer.

Cynthia with “Revive and Restore” came to see what we were all about. It’s an interesting story about how she heard about us. Ask Joyce about it sometime. She sat and talked with Phillip for a long time. I haven’t seen Phillip smile like that in a long time. He has been sitting off to the side away from the rest of the folks keeping to himself. He likes it over there. He’s a very sweet man.

Cynthia asked if she could pray for me, I said “absolutely”. It was a powerful, powerful prayer. She hit on everything I needed! Protection, peace, joy and strength. Thanks Cynthia, I needed that big time.

Ok… Scott. He’s one of our homeless friends, very quiet. Came up to me after most folks left and told me that the Lord woke him up very early and told him to pray for us. He had tears welling up in his eyes, he was emotional. He said he knew I was upset last week and he needed to see my smile and to not beat myself up. He told me that I had the anointing of God on my life. He said I was right in God’s will and He had me in His purpose for my life. That I probably don’t see where it all is yet, but He knows what He’s doing with me. Whew!! I never saw that coming… Isn’t God good!!!

It’s a great thing that we have folks praying for us, Please, please continue!!!!!! I found out later that we had a couple of rival “gang bangers” in the diner. I remember seeing several young people I’ve never seen before and one of them had a blue bandanna around his head. I thought, “that’s strange”. Even though there are bright lights in the diner, we are ministering to some dark souls. We have our regulars that know the rules and are VERY respectful of everyone and everything. But lately we’ve had some new ones come in. God wants us to witness to all His kids, so pray for mighty Warrior Angels to protect us.

In God’s Grace and Mercy He saved a wretch like me. All Glory to King Jesus!!!

Kathy Albright,
Executive Director

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