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Diner Report

photo_Kathy_framed2We had the privilege of Target Distribution coming and blessing all of us today!

I really enjoy seeing young kids come with parents and help with serving our friends. That says a lot about the families and the values the parents are teaching their kids.

Shannon and Kevin got jobs at Lucas Oil Stadium, selling cotton candy and souvenirs. They are very excited. They both needed black pants and black shoes for their job. And the beautiful thing is… we’ve got lots of donated clothes from wonderful folks like all of you that they could walk into the clothing room and go shopping and get what they needed. Isn’t God good???

Everyone should come down and see the clothing room and everything else going on at the HHOOT Diner. HHOOT stands for Helpers Helping Others Outreach Team.

One of our homeless friends that has been out of state for 6 months showed up today and got a hot meal. He also bought one of our beautiful MMUTB sweatshirts that we are selling as a fundraiser for the ministry. This really made me smile and you know it’s all about me smiling… Ha ha, just kidding!

Sherry came up and asked for prayer. She is young, probably in her 40’s had a heart attack last week. She also told us she was depressed. Her grown kids are very disrespectful with her and that’s just added stress in her life. Please keep her in prayer.

Please pray for God’s strength for Jeffrey.

Steve brought his son, Phillip down to volunteer and Phillip wants to come back next week. He’s 14 years old. We also had the chance to pray over him. Keep him in prayer also Warriors.

God is doing amazing things at the Diner. There’s a bright yellow sign over the entrance door that says “Holy Spirit at work here, enter at your own risk”. We have praise and worship music every Saturday and Sunday. Shopping for clothes and shoes, prayer… lots of prayer. Relationship building, food and lots of love. Come see what God is doing? All welcome. Blessings and love in our Lord, Jesus.


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