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Feb. 27 Diner Report

photo_Kathy_framed2We serve an AWESOME GOD!!! Amen? Amen!! Little Bethel came today and brought the love!! Thanks for partnering with MMUTB on this journey with our Lord for His lost sheep. Thanks also for the wonderful food, service and prayers.

Stop Over Ministries came to volunteer today also. It is a half way house for addictions. They blessed us with volunteering in the clothing room. Thank you so very much for your giving hearts.

There is NO JOB TOO SMALL at the Diner. Serving, sweeping, cleaning tables, hanging up or sorting clothes, praying, Praising, ministering and loving… we’re all about the love.

Brother Paul gave the word today. He asked everyone to bow their heads in the diner and to close their eyes. He spoke about salvation and where we go if we aren’t saved by Jesus. About how easy is it to be sure to go to Heaven. He gave everyone steps and an opportunity to come forward to be born again. No one came up, but you could hear a pin drop in the room. There was some hearts softening in there, it was palatable. Thank YOU Jesus for softening the hearts of our friends.

Kathy (another volunteer) came today and wanted to speak about her testimony with just women. After she told me about her testimony, I told her I wanted to be in on it and I thought our volunteers would get something out of it also. We gathered in another building. We had 8 ladies there, one of our friends that used to be homeless came and enjoyed it with us It was powerful!! She gave each of us a book called “His Princess” and told us that God wants us to feel like a Princess because that’s the way He sees us. I pray more and more ladies that we serve will come and hear her testimony. I asked Kathy if she would be willing to come every week and minister to the women. I believe she will. All women need to feel like a Princess :o)

In my past life… I thought it was all about me (ok… I still do sometimes) :o) But now I know it’s all about Jesus.  Nothing is about us, not the ministry, not each other, nothing is about us… it’s all about JESUS!!

May our Lord bless all of us. In His service… Kathy

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