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First Day Feeding Lunch

Sunday was our first day feeding lunch for our homeless friends at 918 E. Michigan Street. It turned out real good. I believe we had probably 80 folks having lunch today.

Christ the Savior Church youth group came today, brought good food, plus had several young adults singing and playing guitar. Very nice. Also, helping the homeless with clothing. Thanks Jeff Greathouse and his youth group for blessing all of us today.

A gentleman came up and said we were like Mathew 5:16 “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Thanks volunteers for shining your light of Jesus.

Mike Parham and his granddaughter Alicia came today. She’s told her grandparents she had saved some money from baby sitting and wanted to purchase things for the homeless. And brought her to church to meet me and where do they meet us at to pass out the items. VERY COOL! Alicia is 15 years old. Praise the Lord!! We took them to Pine Street bridge, to hand out coats, blankets, etc. Had some leftovers and took them to the next viaduct south of Pine street. Then over to the “jungle” to pass out more.

DonDon shared about he was scrappin one day and a car pulled up and asked where Brady Street was located. Don thought about it, but didn’t know where this street was. The guy thanked him and went on his way to the bank. Just then Don Don walked up to him and told him where the street was. The guy thanked him and gave him a $100 bill. Don Don said, hey, do you realize that you gave me a $100 bill. He guy said yes, I appreciate your help. Don Don left and had him a deluxe tenderloin and breaded mushrooms. He then proceeded to pass out a 20 to someone, then a 5 here and a 5 there. After a few hours, another guy gave him $20 bill. He also took some groceries to the old lady that he helps out with.

It’s your kindness that leads to repentance.

Thanksgiving is coming up quick!! We are looking for someone that knows how to build a website for the ministry. And would be able to keep it updated. Please call me at 317-201-5669.

Thanks, Kathy.

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