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One of the three year olds that I used to teach at Sunday School at my church donated $10 to the ministry. He is 5 or 6 years old now. His dad gave it to a friend and said he wanted to help the homeless. Doesn’t that just bless your heart!! Thanks Zion!!

Doris shared a part of her testimony today with our friends and the volunteers. Powerful! She’s had a rough life. There were several homeless and volunteers that said her testimony really touched their heart. She asked everyone to really think about where they are going when they die. She gave an alter call afterwards.

Keep Marsha in prayer, she had knee surgery on Friday.

Chad showed up today out of the blue. It was great to see him. He was the one last fall that was under the bridge and went to live in Anderson with Bill’s group. He did ok for a while, then he left the half-way house and Bill would get a call from him occasionally and Chad wasn’t doing good, he’d gone down that wrong road again. When Bill saw him today, Bill came over and they hugged. It was a good! Chad is doing better. He gave me his business card, so if anyone needs some construction done, please contact me and I’ll give you his phone number.

Don’s been getting complaints about the trash around the neighborhood. I asked everyone to please clean up after themselves, I told them (again) “we ain’t your Mama, so clean up after yourself.”

We’ve been getting lots of new people coming into HHOOT’s Diner for lunch. We know that everyone that comes in isn’t homeless but we are trying to touch as many hearts as we can for God’s Kingdom. We just welcome them in and show the LOVE!!

We had 2 different Mom’s show up today with 3 young kids each, one was an infant. Very nicely mannered kids. They ranged from 3 months old to 6 years old.

Our young couple that has been expecting a baby finally had her little boy. I asked where he was and she said something about an open case, so she doesn’t have him. I didn’t want to ask too many questions. She did say that they have a one year old that someone else is raising. She said she wanted to get her tubes tied. She is under 21 so they will not do that for her.

Kathy from Christ the Savior Church came again to minister to the ladies today. She had 5 ladies show up for something special for our gals. Last week there was like 12 ladies there listening to her testimony.

Many thanks to our wonderful volunteers… THEY ROCK!!! We can’t do what we do without God and your commitment to sharing the love and bringing souls into the fold. Praise our Lord and Savior!!!


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