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Kathy’s girlfriends from Decatur Central High School Served Today

photo_Kathy_framed2< My girlfriends from the class of 19xx from Decatur Central High School came and blessed all of our 80+ street friends with wonderful hot food, warm smiles, clothing, hand warmers, etc. Thank you ladies and "Oz" (Roaeanne's husband helped today as well) for loving on our family of friends at Meet Me Under The Bridge's "Block Party"!! I pray they know how much it blessed us for them to come and serve today. One of our regular volunteers asked, "so... what was Kathy like back in high school"? We aren't going to go there... I'm a new person, a new creation in Christ, the old has passed away. Amen? Amen! I took some pictures today but our camera was "acting up", I just KNOW it wasn't the operator (me) ha ha! We have "Church" every Sunday before we serve a hot meal. If you just want or need to be around some folks that care about your "spiritual and emotional" health, come join us any Sunday. Yes.... even in the snow and ice. :o) God bless Sandy, Deni, Sue, Chris, Carol, Roseanne Pam, and Oz for being there today. Thank You God for an absolutely gorgeous day today!! I'm thankful.... how about you? ~ Kathy

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