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March 13 Report

photo_Kathy_framedOur hearts and prayers are with the people and their families around the globe that are experiencing the devastation of the earth quakes and tsunami. Brownstown Church and Kingsway Church came and blessed us today, thank you all very much for your commitment and coming alongside MMUTB to feed and love on our homeless friends. You guys ROCK!! Thanks to our wonderful volunteers that are dedicated to making a difference in others lives. Thanks for sharing love and giving hope to them and me. I appreciate all of you very much. We have a wonderful volunteer family! Today I shared some of the names of our Jesus. God, Word, Messiah, Light of the world, Lamb of God, Bread of Life, Alpha and Omega, Advocate, Almighty, Faithful and True, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I said that we all need to make Jesus Lord over our life. It’s wonderful to give your life to Jesus, and yet another to let Him be Lord over it. I put up my hands in surrender and asked them what this was a signal of… surrender. We need to surrender our lives everyday to Him for Him to do a mighty work in us. All the volunteers come every week because we love Jesus and we are commanded by the Great Commission to share the GOOD NEWS of JESUS. He wants a relationship with us, He died for us. I told the story of when I gave my life to Jesus and a year later was smoking crack cocaine (which I swore I would never do) and about my seizure from the crack. I didn’t know then, that we need to ask for protection every day! Of how if you are sinning and not living for God the enemy will leave us alone. When we walk with God we are always going thru tests and being attacked. I’ve heard if you aren’t being attacked… maybe you better check yourself. Jesus is SO worth it. Do we serve an awesome God or what?

I told them God wants a relationship with them. I asked all our friends to close their eyes and take off their hats. I told them to give their lives to Jesus before it’s too late. That God and us wants to see them in Heaven. That If they die first we want them to welcome us. Or if we go before them we would welcome them. But we HAVE to give our lives to Jesus to make it there. If they wanted to surrender to HIM or just needed prayer, to raise their hands (just a little if they were intimated). I asked all volunteers to gather around everyone in the Diner to lay hands on them and pray. I believe it was a powerful Holy Spirit day. Sherry cried and said I was talking to her this afternoon. She’d been down the same road as I had with the drugs. (I asked you to pray for her last week). She told me this week her daughter was in labor and both her and baby were in danger of dieing. She cried out to the Lord to have mercy on them, then she grabbed Shannon’s hand because she knew “where 2 or more are gathered in MY Name, I will be there also.” They both prayed fervently!! When she got the news baby and mom were fine, she thanked the Lord. (Volunteers get ministered to every week from our friends stories). She told me her son was talking with her one day and she zoned out, she was remembering her heart attack and brain aneurism. I asked her if she was in any pain at the time she was zoning out and remembering. She said no. I told her I believe God was walking her thru that painful time, showing her that He was with her the whole time. She’s been down the last 2 Sundays and she enjoys coming to the diner very much. The spiritual enlightenment, love of Christ and food that’s offered at the diner is what is bringing folks back every week. Praise God. Please keep David in your prayers. He lost his wife last week, and is in hospital with seizures. Cover him please. Please, please pray for protection over the HRH Diner, building and volunteers every week. May we always walk in HIS light and Grace. Kathy Albright, Executive Director.

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