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Opportunity vs Temptation

Mt. Zion Church and Christ the Savior Church blessed all of us today. What an amazing group of folks we have being the hands and feet of Jesus in downtown Indianapolis. Thanks to all volunteers!! You ROCK!!!

Joyce shared the word about the Fruit Of The Spirit in Galatians 5. She also showed the video “The Gathering” from last October. Below is info on this springs “The Gathering”. We are going to do two a year, one in spring and one in the fall.

“The Gathering” is coming up on Saturday, April 30th from 10 am – 6 pm. We are in need of volunteers to help make our friends feel welcome at this retreat of “Fruit of the Spirit”. Located at Horizon Christian Fellowship in Lawrence (7702 Indiana Lake Road, 46236). Hope you can join us. We will be picking up folks from all the shelters including Julian Center for women and their kids, Wheeler Mission and Dove House. There are more, these are just a few. We will be busing them to Horizon Church for a fun day of spiritual enlightenment, food, fishing and fun. Last fall’s video themed “Sermon on the Mount” can be viewed on our website at Look for the video “The Gathering”. Last year I believe we bused 60 – 70 homeless to Jenn Park and this year we are planning on 150 – 200 homeless friends. So as you can tell we will need a little help, so hope you can make it.

Then Gerome said a few things and blessed the food. He’s one of the guys that used to be on the other side of the table, one of our homeless friends, but no more. He’s staying with Sondra (a wonderful volunteer) and her husband and doing well. He’s on fire for our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

Went down to the jungle today to see who was there. I took Karen, a volunteer with me. JC didn’t show up today at Diner and I was a little worried about him. He wasn’t at the jungle either. We did run into a few of our friends that haven’t been to the diner yet and I haven’t seen in a while. So we invited them to join us on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. It was good to see them.

We are in need of men’s jeans, pants and shorts. If you have any of these, please drop off at 918 e. Michigan Street. Thanks for all of your help.

Remember: Opportunity knocks but once but temptation lays on the doorbell.

Blessings and lots of love to all!

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