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Report on the HHOOT Diner

WOW!!! Saturday at the HHOOT diner (Helpers Helping Others Outreach Team), after the luncheon for our homeless folks, there was a praise and worship service. All were invited, 5 stayed. POWERFUL!! The Holy Spirit was moving in there, and lives were transformed. A healing took place and a rededication of one of our homeless friends to his Lord and Savior. Sara got out of her wheel chair and walked around, I’ve never seen her out of her wheelchair. I called Jeff later to see how she was doing and he said she said she was pain free!! GLORY!!

The Holy Spirit spent the night at the HHOOT diner and was all over us again today. The Holy Spirit was in the house!! Halleluiah!! I think we fed about 100 folks today. Hearts were changed today in the name of JESUS!!!

Brother Paul read scripture about clean and unclean, it was just what was needed today. Thanks Paul.

I shared my disappointment that someone would steal the space heater in the bathroom and also steal a table saw from the HRH building where we serve lunch. They were stealing from God, from Don and themselves. I asked “why would you bite the hand that feeds you?” I told them Don Hawkins has been so gracious and kind to let us use his heated building to serve lunch in every weekend. He could lock the door on the bathroom or worse lock all the doors and nobody would get in. I shared scripture about stealing, Exodus 20:15, Leviticus 19:11, Deuteronomy 5:19, Mark 10:19, Luke 18:20, Romans 13:9. And Ephesians 4:28.

I told them not to mess it up for everyone else. I asked everyone to keep their colors and differences outside, they didn’t belong in there. This is Holy ground and we consider this church when we are here on Sunday. If you want to relax in a safe place, eat good hot food, hear live music/worship, get clothes, a to-go bag, watch TV or hang out, don’t mess it up.

Brownstown church came today, they have committed to every other week to walk along side us on this journey. The Youth Pastor tries to limit it to 15 youth, but they all want to come. He said they pray for our friends every week. We love having them there. They ask what they can do, I say please go minister to our friends.

We had lots of volunteers and lots of food. Thanks to all the volunteers and the wonderful cooks! This works because you care and show up in mighty ways every week.

Lil Danny went to hospital last week vomiting blood, he has issues with his stomach lining. He doesn’t do drugs or drink anymore and loves Jesus. He said Saturday night while he was asleep in his tent, he felt someone touch his forehead. He awoke startled and no one was there. He was scared. He said it took him 4 hours to get back to sleep. I told him I thought it was God that touched him and healed him in the name of Jesus. Another Kathy and I were talking to him and we told him to claim his healing in Jesus’ name. He did, he said it twice. He told me that he repents every night and talks to Jesus. I took him to a doctor’s appointment today. Please pray for Lil Danny.

Don Don finally showed up, he didn’t look like he felt very good. We told him we were worried about him and thankful he came in to see us. Please keep him in prayer. I don’t know the details, but he had prayer warriors all around him praying for him and he broke down. As we know God can’t do a work in us until we give Him full access to our hearts. God’s moving in powerful ways at the HHOOT Diner, come and see HIM GLORIFIED!!

There were several folks being prayed for in several groups, talk about the hands and feet of Jesus!! WooHoo to God be the GLORY!! Can you tell I’m excited???

An observant volunteer said that Dale was in a bad way, looking very angry (we’ve never seen that side of Dale before). Dale is a Native American and wears necklaces of his tribe and carries in a duffle bag his ritual things. I went up to him and asked what was going on, he said, “I’m about to snap!” I said, “no you’re not! What’s going on?” He said he was very angry and didn’t want to talk about it. I said “let it go”. He went outside. Same volunteer came up and said, we need prayer warriors NOW for Dale outside. I walked by some wonderful volunteers and said “we Need prayer warrior’s NOW” and BAM, we all headed to the parking lot. What we saw was so touching. A young guy named Baby G (in his early 20’s) standing there holding Dale while he wept and wept. Talking to him and sharing scripture and ministering to him. (I know, I know isn’t God GOOD)? We laid hands on both of them and began praying. (There’s nothing like the POWER of prayers in a group). I asked Dale to look around him to see the folks that loved him. He brought his head up and saw 5 volunteers with hands on him praying. Baby G told Dale to ask for forgiveness, Dale wept again then cried out “I’m crying out to You Jesus, forgive me, forgive me.” Another guy there, Shawn told Dale that his breaking down was the working of the Holy Spirit. These guys are ministering to US!!!

Powerful transformations are going on at HHOOT diner at 918 east Michigan Street. I ran into Dale today at Horizon House and he looked much better, he said he felt lots better. Praise GOD!!!!!!

We are in need of #10 (big) cans that corn, green beans, etc. come in from Sam’s Club. Our homeless put a candle in them and sand to hold it up to warm up their tents and to see inside their tents at night. Also emergency candles, they are harder wax and last longer and burn cleaner. We found a bunch of them at the Dollar Tree, you get 6 candles for $1. We pass them out when asked for.

Sorry Kathy’s Korner is so long, but I want everyone to know what’s going on with God’s ministry, MMUTB. Look for Kathy’s Korner, updated info, pages and videos next week on website. Please send our website to family and friends to pray for us and to raise awareness of our homeless population in downtown Indianapolis. God’s best for you and your family!

Kathy Albright,
Executive Director

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