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April 10th Report

One of your homeless guys volunteering at the Diner told me about a church group that gives out free/new tennis shoes, and boots every other week downtown. He told me they were from Mt. Gilead Church. I told him I knew Brett and Kitsi from there and he said they were the folks. They used to come and volunteer with MMUTB a while back. So I called Brett and asked about his contact person, he said it’s a guy from his prayer group that knows a contact at Wal-Mart. He said that he would talk with the guy to see if they could help us out also.

Brett told me that they didn’t abandon MMUTB, they were very thankful they got to serve with us. And learned a lot about ministering to the homeless when they helped MMUTB for about a year. They felt led to start their own outreach, I told him that ROCKED. He said they loved us and are very thankful. I miss them. God has connected all of us for HIS purpose. Because God’s word says, the harvest is ripe and the workers are few. We need lots of Christians to step up and step out. It’s all for God’s Kingdom. Praise His Holy Name.

I needed a battery for the beater and Jeffrey told me about a place called Deka batteries behind Lucas Oil Stadium. We walked in there and Jeffrey asked Dan (guy that worked there) if he recognized him, Dan looked at him a minute and Jeffrey told him he used to have a rough beard and longer hair. Dan’s face lit up and said “yes, I remember you, how are you and what has happened to you, you look great, lots better than the last time I’d seen you.” Jeffrey said it was all Jesus. Please continue to pray for Jeffrey for protection and direction.

Please pray for A.G. from Anderson, pray for complete healing in Jesus’ name.

Little Bethel came and blessed all of us with lots and lots of great food. I so enjoy seeing young people come and serve, they are an inspiration to all of us.

We had lots of people today, lots and lots of new faces. We feel that some folks we come into contact with are dealing with spirits that are not of God. Please continue to lift all the volunteers up in prayer with Ephesians 6 for the Whole Armor of God.

Brother Paul gave the word to the Christian men in the room about being men of God and following Jesus. I praise my Savior for our volunteers that are Christian men that step up and “bring it” with the word of God. The majority of our friends that come are men.

Billy showed up today, he was so happy to see us and we were happy to see him also. He’s been out of touch for a little while. Pray that he stays on the path that God has for him.

Bless all of our volunteers that come and share their life and the love of Jesus with our friends. We are growing and need the workers to come and share the gospel one on one with our friends. We need prayer warriors in a big way. To God be ALL THE GLORY!!


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