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Spring Fundraiser

photo_Kathy_framed2We had our spring fundraiser this past Saturday at the Moose Lodge on 16th street and Shadeland.  It was a wonderful success because of the lovely ladies from the Moose Lodge, Sue, Becky and Mary.  Great job ladies.  Thanks for believing in this cause and MMUTB.  They raised $1,500 for the ministry. GLORY!!  There’s still time to support MMUTB and what we are doing for the homeless of Indianapolis.  Please send to MMUTB, P.O. Box 42159, Indianapolis, IN 46242.  Many thanks to all the volunteers that showed up and the folks that came to support us.  If we don’t have Jesus, we’re in trouble.  He’s our ROCK!!

We have many new faces lately.  They are coming to eat lunch, get clothes, prayer, love, acceptance.  We’ve heard that the homeless and working poor have said that The Diner is a safe place and folks can relax.  So that’s why I believe we are seeing new people every week.

I spoke with Theo this past week and he got some bad news, the doctors told him he had 6 months to a year to live.  I shared with him that they are not the final say of when he’ll live till, so don’t take that as gospel, only
 God knows when that day will come.  Please pray for him as I could tell that he’s a little discouraged.  He’s one of my first guys that I adopted.

To God be the Glory and not Meet Me Under The Bridge.  We are just His tools to love on folks.

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