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Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday at the HHOOT Diner for 70 homeless friends tonight. After our luncheon, our friends stayed for the party, we had many new folks show up. Trust me the network among homeless is alive and well. Just tell a few people about a party and food and word gets around fast. We had pizza and the fixins, thanks to everyone that donated and brought food.

Steve Dieterle gave the word today about man’s laws and God’s laws. He brought it home, a real preacher we there!!! I like his saying, break man’s law you go to jail, break God’s law and go to hell. Doesn’t get any simpler than that.

We have some amazing prayer warriors that pray over our friends that need or ask for prayer. HHOOT Diner is a safe place for people to come to be prayed for, encouraged, take a bible study, hear the Word of God and especially to be loved.

We had a guy named Doug come by today. When he got there I asked how he was and he told me he was having a low blood sugar. His face was very pale. He sat down, he said he needed something other than junk food as the only thing he ate that day was doughnuts because that’s all that was offered. Praise the Lord, we were able to get him some soup, pasta salad and regular salad. He looked much better after he ate. Hey, let me tell you, we serve more than doughnuts at the HHOOT Diner, we serve hot, homemade food, comfort food. Doug wasn’t going to stay but then found out about the party and was feeling better, so he stayed. Steve, Mary, Paul and I were playing Euchre, Steve got up to set up for the pizza and I asked Doug if he knew how to play Euchre. Oh yes, he knew and we had such a great time playing cards. He was one of the last to go we were there until 10:30 tonight. I’m so thankful that he stuck around. He knows and loves Jesus.

Please continue to pray for Lil Danny. I checked on him 3 times yesterday at his tent. Not to be graphic, but he had it bad at both ends. If you can imagine living in a tent in the dead of winter and your body going thru some stuff. Not easy when you live in a home, let alone in the jungle. At 9:30 last night, I went by there to check on him and he didn’t sound like sweet Danny. He was saying some strange things to me, I know now it was the fever. I wanted to call 911 but he said no. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving him there, but the ambulance can’t make him go to hospital. Amanda, an angel outreach person went to his tent to find him this morning, he wasn’t there. She called me and I suggested Horizon House, she went there and found him. Thank YOU Jesus. He had a doctors appointment on Monday morning. The doc said, he has a bacterial infection in his stomach. He’s very scared. His dad died of stomach cancer, mom died 4 months after him, plus he’s had both brothers die of heart attacks. They want to put him under and insert a probe thru his nose to check out his stomach. He’s not crazy about doing that, but I told him I’d go with him, he said ok.

Our young pregnant gal told me she has supervised visits with her daughter twice a week. She’s very excited. She told us thanks for praying for her.

KayLynn will have 80 days sober in 2 days!! We love for our friends to come and tells us their triumphs!! Yeah and Halleluiah!!

A young gal at the S.B. Party told Brian Jones, “I recognize her.” He said “yes, that’s Kathy.” She came up to me and said “do you remember me?” I told her she looked familiar. She said we gave her boys backpacks, clothes, food, etc. at Davidson Street Bridge. I said, yes, I do remember you. She was so sweet and appreciative of God’s blessings. She looked great! Told me her daughter is still raising her boys, but she gets to see them several times a week. That’s got to be hard on a mother. She really blessed us by letting us know how she’s doing.

We always ask our friends to let us know how they are in case they get a place or leave the state, please let us know how you are. They don’t always, because they don’t want to remember that part of their life. But we love to hear the stories of success that God did in their lives. It keeps us encouraged.

Believe me… God is showing up in HUGE ways at the HHOOT Diner and a big thanks to Don Hawkins for allowing us to serve lunch there every Sunday.

A big thank you to Richard Smith with Behind The Shadow Ministry for creating the amazing videos every week and for keeping our website fresh.

Come down any Saturday from 9 – 3 pm or Sunday at 3 pm. Be a part of the love.

Kathy Albright,
Executive Director

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