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Thank you, thank you, thank you

Thank you, thank you, thank you Lakeview Church congregation for blessing the homeless with new socks, t-shirts and clean, new underwear :o) for Christmas.

Christ the Savior Church came Sunday and blessed the homeless and us with great food, singing and lots of love. We also had a group of individuals from Spearsville, Indiana that heard about us and came with blankets, food and warm smiles. God is opening up doors for His ministry, Meet Me Under The Bridge. He’s bringing the workers for the harvest. Hallelujah!!! Matthew 9:37 Then Jesus said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” We are beyond blessed to be a part of what God is doing through several ministries, HRH (Homeless and Re-Entry Helpers) and Behind The Shadow (BTS). God is opening up the floodgates of heaven… with that said, please pray for all of us for spiritual strength, God’s armor, guidance and His wisdom.

Sam from Christ the Savior Church opened us up with the WORD of God then prayed for the meal. Brother Paul and his two girls had a karaoke machine and sang Christmas songs. Very fun.

Jeremiah, one of our friends, stood up and spoke his heart to the group. It was emotional and SO God to work through him to minister to the homeless and us. He spoke about his girlfriend leaving him and taking his heater among other things, his addiction to drugs and alcohol and his best friend disappointing him. How he lost jobs because of his addictions and that he was working and knew they would drug test him. He has faith in God and knows that He will get him through. He cried through the whole thing. Very moving for everyone there. I was able to share with him and I’ve said it before… EVERYONE will disappoint us from time to time, but Jesus NEVER disappoints us.

Don Don was feeling good Sunday, he had several new rap songs and poems for our volunteers. He’s camera shy but I’m hoping he will let BTS video him saying his raps and poems. They are awesome!! He’s a very talented man, I’m amazed every week of who he is as a person. When someone blesses him with money, he shares his blessing with others. We laughed hard together Sunday, I told him I knew he must feel better because I haven’t seen him laugh like that EVER!! He said “today I feel ok.”

Eric showed up. He almost walked to Indianapolis Enterprise looking for us, but remembered someone telling him we moved to 918 e. Michigan Street. I really like Eric, he’s very intelligent, kind and you can see his sweet soul in his eyes. I only get to see him once a month or so. He looks good.

There’s a lot of talent under bridges and in “the jungle” and walking all up and down Indy streets.

Leandell was prayed for Saturday at HRH and was healed in the name of Jesus! Glory to God!! He came in with a cane and walked out without it.

To God be the GLORY!!!

Kathy Albright,
Executive Director

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