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The Right Road

How do we choose the right road? Most people seem to go through life lost most of the time and going down the wrong road. They turn down Allies only to cross the road they need to travel, to go down another alley. Allies are narrow, dirty and filled with all sorts of trash or discarded things. At night, they are not the sort of place to hang out in because when it gets dark the rats come out to feast.

Does your life reflect this sort of environment? Have you often asked yourself; why is my life so filled with drama, how do I get away from all this? Have I gone down the wrong road?

There are two roads in this life to travel down. The first one is easy and very wide, you can’t even fall off of it. Your friends are there with you and life may be hard but you have your friends… right? They got your back… but one day you wake up and realize that this road doesn’t really go anywhere. This road is wide enough that all of you can walk together side by side, no one really leading the way. It was intended for each of us to lead and to follow, we were created to do both in this life. The wide road strips this ability away from us.

There is another road, it is very narrow and difficult to travel. If you step one step to the right or to the left… you will fall and when you fall on this road you will get hurt, but the kind of hurt I’m talking about will scar you for life. You will go to your grave with these scares.

You may ask; why would anyone in their right mind want to go down a road like that? Well, to be honest with you, it’s the only road that will get you somewhere that you were intended to go. It will get you to the place you where created to live. It is a place of great joy and abundance. It is a place beyond anything you can imagine. It is the city of the King, the great I am.

It is impossible to get off the wide road until you come to understand your condition. Until you understand that the sin in your life is killing you, you are unable to understand your condition. The truth is that you can’t kill sin in your life unless you are following someone who has conquered sin. The truth is that you can’t get off the wide road unless someone who has been on the wide road comes to where you are, to show you where the right road is and then helps you every step down that narrow path. You have to make a decision for yourself, you can’t make it for your friends or your family because they won’t follow you. Someday they may ask you, how do I get on the right road? I want what you have!

As I said earlier, we are designed to lead and to follow. The key to this statement is that when we are following the one who conquered sin, the one true King… the great I am, people will become hungry for what we have because we are the salt of the earth and our presence among them will cause them to become thirsty for water from the well spring of life. By following the King we learn to lead those lost on the wide road, we lead them to the one who they should follow.

This is what we do on the streets, we meet people right where they are and lead them to the one they should follow, Jesus. We are described by Jesus, as the salt of the earth. The people around us should become thirsty for what we have, Jesus.

William Wallis said, “All men die but not all men really live.” The fact is that we will all die… the question I ask is, will you die on the right road? The right road crosses the finish line that come with a prize. If you die on the wrong road, you die lost and to die lost comes with a consequence, one you won’t be willing to pay but will have to.

Just to make it clear of who the King is, He is the Christ, the only one who conquered sin. The Great I Am, the first and the last, the Son of “The Most High God”, the giver of life and his name is Jesus…

He is right there knocking on the door of your heart asking you to open that door and invite him in. He will make you complete, he will give you a purpose to live and the strength to walk the very difficult road that crosses the finish line. He will also surround you with others who have chosen Jesus to help you down that road.


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